2 Winning Arguments For More Cybersecurity Sales

March 31, 2022

Podcast featuring Jennifer Bleam

Selling cybersecurity is risk mitigation. It’s not promising that you’ll never get breached. It’s not promising bulletproof security. It is stating, “We will mitigate your risk. We are going to reduce your risk.”

Insurance is risk mitigation, and cybersecurity is risk mitigation. Even selling alarm systems is risk mitigation. To sell risk mitigation, there are two arguments you need to prove

1) If you do nothing, if you continue to do business as usual, an incident is likely to happen.

If you prefer to listen to the full interview, check out the podcast below.

Because of increased threats, if your clients and prospects change nothing, something bad is likely to happen. You must prove that argument to them. And if that’s using fear, uncertainty, and doubt, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

2) If an incident does happen, the results will be highly impactful.

It will affect your ability to do business, track changes, bill your clients, call your patients, order prescriptions, and many other business implications.

Prove both of these arguments and they blend together like a beautiful Venn diagram. And you’ll find yourself right in the middle, in that beautiful sweet spot where you have proven both arguments and can now make a sale

And the bonus is that when you’ve proven those two arguments, you’ve defused 95% of the objections! Your prospects won’t be able to say, “Oh, it will never happen to me,” if you’ve just proven that it’s highly likely to happen. And they can’t say, “Well, if it happened to me, I’d be okay. I would just bounce back. I’m resilient.” All of those objections go away when you show how likely and how impactful a cybersecurity incident would be on their business. And so: prove these those two arguments and you are likely at the point where you’ve made the sale.

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