How To Train Your Cyber Clients To Communicate

February 17, 2022

Podcast featuring Jennifer Bleam

Sometimes, it can be challenging dealing with clients. Perhaps a client just added a new employee. They call you today, and they expect you to come tomorrow to deploy a new machine. That feels completely unrealistic to you. Or, despite your best efforts, your client refuses to use multi-factor authentication. Your frustration is real! But you should always try to understand what is happening in your client’s world.

If you prefer to listen to the full interview, check out the podcast below.

Think of how busy you are. That’s likely how busy your clients are. If you have a million balls you’re juggling, 7 instances of Chrome, clients and employees pulling you in all different directions; then likely your clients are in the same situation. They are in crisis mode as much as you are. Your clients don’t stop to think, “I should tell my MSP that I have a new hire coming.” Or, “I have a question. Let me reach out to my MSP and get an answer.”

This communication rhythm won’t happen on its own. You must train your clients how to communicate with you. And the best thing to do is quarterly business reviews. Explain that you’ll come out every quarter, and send an agenda a week or two before your meeting.  Ask them to add to that agenda. Also encourage them to jot down notes and questions throughout the quarter, and bring those to the table. 

Suggest that you can help with things like growth and expansion; adding guest wifi networks; concerns about cybersecurity; adding a phone system. Those conversations happen throughout the quarter, and your clients need a mechanism to remember to ask you those things. Train your clients on how to communicate with you.

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