“10 Discovery Questions That Magically Sell Cybersecurity” will show you exactly what to ask on your discovery calls to make “Yes” a no brainer for your prospect.

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✔ Pinpoint the Gap: Discover the missing link in your marketing system that’s keeping you from consistent Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).
✔ Unearth Hidden Revenue: Identify untapped sales opportunities that are already within your grasp.
✔ Your Customized Growth Blueprint: Walk away with a tailored action plan designed to focus your efforts where they’ll make the biggest impact.

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“Translates Wisdom Into Words I Can Actually Put Into Action Today!”

“There is a lot to love about working with Jennifer, but the #1 benefit I’ve gotten in my business is RESULTS! And, at the end of the day (or month or year), what’s more important than that? Nada. Having someone to check in with regularly is inspiring (or frightening) depending on if I’ve done my homework or not… Plus she’s got a great personality and an always-on smile. AND there’s the way Jennifer translates the wisdom I’ve learned over so many years into words I can actually understand and put into action TODAY to get more results TONIGHT! The only person I can think of who shouldn’t call Jennifer is someone whose idea of a good time is running around “doing more stuff” rather than focusing on getting actual results.”

Daniel Bennett, Owner
Get Bulletproof

“My Company Is Now Moving In The Right Direction”

“Working with Jennifer has been very disruptive to my company – in all the best ways. She has guided us through the product development for our managed security suite of products, demonstrated what it means to be a mindful marketer and salesperson, and is always there to field our never-ending questions. Her greatest asset is her ability to make me uncomfortable by challenging my status quo. Things I never considered before are now normal to me. I’m thankful to have a partner like her to be an impartial arbiter of the right answer to that age old question – “What do I do next?” While marketing and sales are still relatively new to me, I feel confident that my company is moving in the right direction with Jennifer as our guide.”

Steve Pressman, CISSP, President
Alpine Cyber Solutions

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On this 45 minute call, we will:

✔ Diagnose the missing step in your marketing system that is stopping you from adding MRR every month
✔ Identify the sales potential hiding in your MSP today
✔ Get a custom growth plan for your business, so you can focus your time and energy correctly

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