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In the book, I share my simple formula to close cybersecurity deals. MSPs all around the globe are sharing success stories with me, and I can’t wait to hear yours!

As promised, you can download some additional resources to make it even easier for you to perfect your sales skills.

You’ll Get…

Objection Defuser

This resource gives you concrete tips on how to defuse the 9 most common objections.

Discovery Question Library

In chapter 5, you learned the TRUE purpose of Discovery. Pair that knowledge with this resource to Reveal The Gap to your prospect.

Bonus Chapter!

One of the hardest parts of writing a book is removing some content. Lucky for you, we never delete anything. This is a great chapter that just didn’t make the cut!

How To Help Your Prospect Feel The Need for Cybersecurity

This resource will help your prospect feel the immense impact of a cybersecurity incident, thereby making your sales job easier.

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The Author

Jennifer Bleam is an award-winning speaker and respected leader, having coached over 1,000 MSPs on marketing and sales best practices. She helps MSPs master the art of cybersecurity sales quickly, easily, and profitably.