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Praise for Jennifer and Simplified Cybersecurity Sales!
“Jennifer’s book is pure gold! It is truly a step-by-step playbook for MSPs to master the art of selling cybersecurity. Many books are generic sales guides, but Jennifer’s is targeted at MSPs and selling cybersecurity. It was so good I was literally taking notes as I read page after page. This is a MUST READ for all MSPs. Well done!”

CEO, Breach Secure Now

“If you aren’t closing at least 7 out of 10 prospects you’re pitching cybersecurity services to, you need to read this book. Jennifer lays out where you’re going wrong, and the proven process to skyrocket your close rate and your MRR.”

IT Princess of Power, InTech Solutions, Inc.

“Jennifer applies tried and true principles of sales and sales management that cross over directly into cybersecurity sales. Following frameworks for sales and frameworks for cybersecurity delivery with your partners will have corollaries rooted in maturity that will take you across the chasm from commodity to trusted advisor.”

Sr. Director of Security & Compliance, Pax8

My Name Is Jennifer Bleam…
If you’re interested in selling cybersecurity easily and profitably, I can help. I’ve been trained by industry giants like TruMethods and CharTec, and I’ve studied under mainstream sales leaders like Sandler Sales and Keenan (the author of “Gap Selling”).

You’ve never seen anyone do what I do.

I take sales fundamentals and apply them to the IT industry – and specifically to selling cybersecurity.

What’s better: I help smart tech-oriented NON salespeople learn to close sales – even if you’re selling to SMBs who have zero budget (or with their ostrich head buried in the sand, oblivious to today’s cyber threats.)

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading…

If you’re legit, you’ve finally built a security solution. You were THRILLED to finally accomplish that quarterly rock, and you’re proud of what you’ve built.

There’s just one problem: now you need to sell it.

Yesterday that was a massive problem.

But today? You’re golden.


Because you’re about to discover some of my BEST intellectual property, designed to help you sell your security stack to clients and prospects.

During my first 3 years in business. I did this live. Every industry podcast. Dozens (hundreds?) of webinars or private training events. I did ANYTHING I could do to get this information into the hands of as many MSPs as possible.

But you need more than I can fit into a 30-minute podcast interview.

And you need this information now.

(Oh, and don’t stress – this isn’t some silly funnel offering you a “free” book but then charging you a bajillion dollars for shipping.)

I don’t roll that way. I literally want to serve the industry that I love – in the best way I know how.

And I’ve use my exceptional sales skills to convince the Amazon robots to get this book into your hands ASAP.

Why Would I Share These Sales Strategies With You?

There Are Three Reasons


First, you deserve to close more sales.

I have personally felt the pain of NOT closing a deal that should have closed. And while I can’t transport you back in time to close that deal, I can download everything from my brain into your brain to keep that frustration from happening again.


Second, you have a duty to protect your clients and community.

YOU are the backbone of the global economy, the unsung heroes in the digital landscape. This puts you in a unique and powerful position to convince your clients and prospects to buy from you. But it’s not enough to have them buy managed services. You must convince them to pay for security…even if they’ve never paid for it before.


Third, I have a duty to share my knowledge with you.

I’ve been given a unique gift that allows me to consume content and then create frameworks and curricula around that content. In this case, we’re talking about sales. From the decades of reading (and applying) sales books and taking hours of training, I’ve distilled sales fundamentals into simple, actionable, and reproducible sales frameworks that teach you to close cybersecurity sales – even if you aren’t a natural born salesperson.

This Is Not Just Another Book About Sales…
It’s A Book About Selling Cybersecurity
To Small And Medium Sized Businesses
What You’re About To Discover
✔ How “IT sales” is different from “cybersecurity sales” (see pg. 14)

✔ The one managed services habit you must break when selling managed security (see pg. 21)

✔ The 3 components of every successful sale (see pg. 23)

✔ Why your data driven mind is likely costing you cybersecurity opportunities (see pg. 27)

✔ The 10 “commandments” of sales. I guarantee you’re breaking #3 (see pg. 32)

✔ The simple routine that spotlights exactly where your sales process is broken – and shows you how to fix it (see pg. 40)

✔ How this 5-word phrase will transform the way you approach every discovery conversation (see pg. 49)

✔ The one word you NEVER want to use when selling cybersecurity services. (see pg. 59)

✔ My proprietary Risk-Based Selling Matrix, a simple 1-2-punch to help you structure every sales interaction (see pg.63)

✔ If you’re tempted to talk about your tech stack and “machine learning vs AI” resist that impulse. Please. Do this instead (see pg. 67.)

✔ A crucial mindset shift that will have you secretly cheering when you hear your next sales objection (see pg. 71)

✔ The 8 signs of a bulletproof sales attitude (see pg. 81)

✔ 3 signs your “professional” salesperson isn’t a pro (see pg. 83)

✔ The 10 signs you’re ready to hire a salesperson (see pg. 93)

✔ The single secret to closing more cybersecurity sales. HINT: it’s not what you’re thinking (see pg.103)

In 2019, I Grew a Cybersecurity Startup from “Baby Business” to “Acquisition” in Less than 2 Years.

My job? Selling MDR services to IT Pros.

It was a glorious time. The perfect storm.

✔ Ransomware was fresh and terrifying

✔ Anti-virus was outgunned, powerless against that threat

✔ We had THE only way to mitigate ransomware

We grew fast – really, really fast.

Until we discovered a MASSIVE problem:

Only 9% of our MSP clients had deployed our solution to any clients!

This meant that most clients were paying us around $200 in MRR. 

Two. Hundred. Dollars.

Not a typo. 

The stuff nightmares are made of.

Since I was the senior sales leader, this became MY problem to solve. 

How could I help MSPs learn to sell cybersecurity?

✔ I dismantled sales books and pulled them back together into fresh, industry-specific training material that non-salespeople could use.

✔ I conducted surveys, analyses, and assessments to uncover MSP’s sales challenges – and wrote training to address every one. 

✔ I did webinars, coaching, events. You name it. I did it.

Bottom line: it moved the needle. In a HUGE way.

My sales process. My objection handling frameworks. 

Created so that busy MSPs didn’t have to figure everything out from scratch themselves.

And I’ve bundled all of that (and more) into this book.

Oh Right…The Bonuses. Because Of Course There Are Bonuses…
When you purchase on Amazon and drop your info on the form on this page, you’ll instantly unlock 4 valuable bonuses, designed to enhance what you’ll learn in my book – and gain more success in your cybersecurity sales journey.
Sales Process: Blueprint & Training
You need a process for everything including sales. I’ve anticipated every stall, objection, and mistake – and engineered this sales blueprint to mitigate and tapdance around all of them.

The bonus training videos outlines exactly how the sales conversation should sound in a real sales life sales call.

Cybersecurity Note Taking Template
You’ll learn a ton of great strategies inside my book. This note taking template

✔  Remind you of each core concept in the book with zero effort, allowing you to stay alert during sales calls

✔  Reinforce good habits while driving conversations forward.

✔  Ask powerful sales questions to conduct effective discovery

Top Lead Gen Strategies For MSPs
All the sales training in the world is pointless if you don’t have new leads coming in the door. Attendees at our 2023 event said this was their FAVORITE session. Previously for attendees only, I’m pulling this from the vault. You’ll learn the top marketing tactics that are working today for MSPs around the globe.
MSP Breakthrough Session
During this 45-minute LIVE session, I’ll meet personally with you and your executive team. We’ll identify several levers that will improve your sales and marketing system. You’ll walk out with a concrete plan to increase lead flow, convert more cybersecurity opportunities, or move deals through your pipeline faster. This session is the perfect way to work ON your business, not in your business.

(After you submit your info, we’ll provide details on booking this call.)

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