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What Happens When You Take Everything Complex And Difficult Out Of The Standard Webinar Formula?

You End Up With A Crazy Effective Sales Process That Helps You Sell Dozens Of Prospects At A Time!

Whether you’re an MSP selling cybersecurity, managed tech, or virtual CIO services, the last thing you need is some weird, complicated sales process that makes it difficult for a company to understand the value you provide them.

What you need is a simple sales system that positions you to sell a bunch of people at a time, while making it crystal clear why they need to hire you immediately!

We’re Going To Cover:

  • Starting without a plan is a recipe for disaster, so the first step is to build a plan that helps you set the right goals and create your webinar in a way that is easy as long as you follow the process.

  • Without the right hook, you’re going to have a ton of trouble getting people to show up.  You’ll discover how to easily find the right topic that will bring you all of the right people to your presentation.

  • Once you’ve got the pieces and the order they need to be in, you’re going to see how easy it can be to create the right training for your people.  It’s almost fill-in-the-blank easy.
  • On the day of your webinar, you’ve got to be prepared for the best, the worst, and the unexpected.  We’re going to cover every imaginable outcome, so you are prepared for anything.

  • Your webinar will produce sales, but the right process after the webinar produces even more.  Once you see how we handle the follow up, you’ll see exactly how to double the amount of sales from every webinar you do.
  • Finally, you’re going to get the 3-step process to sell your MSP, co-managed IT, or any other tech product you want.

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Finally, a 4-day challenge that’s designed for MSPs!

This is the kind of thing that is normally drawn out for multiple weeks, so it feels like it takes forever to get to the point where you get the results you want.

In fact, one of my marketing friends thinks I’m insane for promising this. But I know I can deliver these results in only 4 days!

The entire process is going to be virtual, so you don’t have to travel.  

You’ll walk away from each of the sessions with exactly what you need to produce the webinar presentation you can use to sell whatever products you want.

We know you want results fast, so that’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up!

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This is NOT a “Learning” Thing.

It’s a “Finished Webinar” Thing!

This isn’t some sneaky attempt to get you to buy the next thing. When you’re done with this challenge, you will walk away with your own sales webinar. Completely finished and ready to use.

Others may be comfortable dangling the carrot in front of you only to move it away and tell you that you need to buy their next program to get any results.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in each section:

Section 1: Knock out your webinar with a killer plan of action. Knowing what to do before, during, and after your webinar is what makes it easy for prospects to trust you and sign up for what you’re selling.

Section 2: You need the right topic to get the right people to want to attend. We’re going to find the perfect thing for you to teach, setting proper goals, and the structure you need.

Section 3: Here we cover everything you need to know about the day of your event. Know exactly how to create the perfect situation to get them to show up, rules to give the best presentations, and exactly what to do if nobody shows up! There are ways to sell after the webinar that will keep people signing up for your offer. 

Section 4: Last, but not least, it’s time to make sure we’ve monetized every step properly and get those last sales closed. This special process will make it much easier to sell your managed services.

This is NOT a “Learning” Thing.

It’s a “Finished Webinar” Thing!

The live presentations will be from 2 PM to 3 PM EST on July 12th – July 15th.

Every session will be recorded and available to you.  You’ll want to attend as many of the live sessions as possible as you’ll be able to ask questions at the end.

All attendees will receive:

  • Play-by-play workbook to use for all future webinars
  • Project Plan document
  • Email templates
  • PowerPoint template

Typically a custom “done for you” webinar runs $5k – $8k, but you’ll create this yourself in under a week with our guidance.

It would be fair to charge you $299 train you in our proprietary webinar system designed to convert viewers into sales and revenue. But we’re not charging $299 for this challenge.

You can get access today for $199 – only $98!  We will raise the price if we do the challenge anytime in the future, so sign up today!