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To Attend The Only Three-Day Mastermind Designed To Unlock Secrets To Scale Your Cybersecurity Company to $5,000,000 In Revenue By Discovering Foundational Marketing And Sales Execution Systems Of Leading 7-Figure Firms In Less Than 3 Days.

May 6-8, 2024 | The Pittman Hotel | Dallas, Texas

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✔  Access to Day 1 Networking Experience

✔  Access to all main stage Educational Sessions

✔  Access to all main stage Implementation Sessions

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✔  Access to Day 1 Networking Experience

✔  Access to all main stage Educational Sessions

✔  Access to all main stage Implementation Sessions

✔  Event workbook

✔  Access to event recordings

✔  Lunch Tuesday

✔  Lunch Wednesday

✔  Private, pre-event Chaos To Clarity Masterclass

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✔  VIP Culinary Experience and Power Hour Tuesday

✔  Exclusive hard cover, autographed copy of “Simplified Cybersecurity Sales For MSPs”

✔  Exclusive breakout tables

✔  Extra surprises!


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Who Is This Event For?

✔ MSP leaders
✔ IT executives
✔ Salespeople looking for a sharper edge
✔ Marketing managers who want a blueprint to follow…that actually works
✔ Business owners who need to understand the basics of business development

Are you ready to

Create a marketing flywheel and pair that with a sales process that will help you reach your next revenue milestone?

After working with over 2,000 MSPs globally and helping them scale sanely and repeatedly, I know what works.

That’s a bold claim, I know – except my clients will tell you.

 Two clients going through the acquisition process.

 Half a dozen clients adding to their marketing or sales teams.

 Countless VENDORS trusting my advice, coaching, and guidance.

So yes, I know what works.

I’m going to teach you and your team the same business development system AND…

Help you execute on it.

Achieving your business goals IS possible!

If you’re normal,

 You’ve hired ad agencies (and have nothing but empty pockets to show for it.)

 You speak “geek” fluently, but “marketing” feels like a foreign language.
And sales feels equally difficult.

 You’re secretly afraid of being bamboozled, stuck, and never hitting the next level of success.

 You know you need to market, but what does that even look like?

What works today?

You need a marketing plan that works. Today. In your market.

That’s what you’ll get at this mastermind. A one page, one year marketing plan.

Great start…

And that’s where EXECUTION comes in.

You’ll walk away from this mastermind knowing what levers to pull, what metrics to track, and how to spot trouble inside your marketing system…so you can fix it.

This way, you can go from “best kept secret” to seeing leads come in the door.

Enter the next challenge…

✔ Closing the deal.
✔ Getting MRR.
✔ Preferably highly profitable MRR.

I’m pulling out ALL the stops!

You’ll walk away with a clear plan to avoid the normal sales pitfalls that IT service providers are plagued by.

You’ll discover how to set up your pipeline (and find out the least expensive way to do this).

HINT: this has nothing to do with purchasing an expensive CRM!

You’ll see which metrics are CRUCIAL in sales…and which really don’t matter at all.

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This isn’t just another learning event.

It’s a “Get Things Done” Event!

At The Ultimate IT Growth Conference, we GUARANTEE success. This won’t be another event where you leave with a notebook full of ideas and intentions…that gets buried with all the other notes from all the other shows you’ve ever been to.

That won’t happen here!

Instead, I’ve taken the best part of every session (and DECADES of study) and baked it into a session-by-session Workbook that you’ll complete throughout the mastermind.

Every presentation will have a section in the Workbook to actively DO THE THING that we’re teaching from stage, instead of leaving it in your notes to gather dust.

We are leaving nothing to chance. You will leave with an entire year of marketing strategy MAPPED OUT and ready to launch before you leave.

Just imagine: You’ll accomplish in 4 days what some people take YEARS to figure out.

If you’re ready to have me help you Create, Organize, And Execute your marketing and sales plan, then join me at The Ultimate IT Growth Conference!

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Hear from Previous Attendees

“I’d Recommend This Conference To Anyone”

I’m really excited to take the ideas back and improve our sales process. I was so energized by the contact with all these amazing people here who are working on their businesses. Very inspirational speakers too. I’d recommend this conference to anyone who’s interested in growing their business.

Ken Sawyer
Sawyer Solutions

“Made Sales Much Less Intimidating”

I’ve really appreciated how Jennifer and the other speakers have broken down the sales process for us. They gave us bite-sized, doable tasks and processes, and checklists that we can relate to. It’s made sales a lot less intimidating for me.

Diana Giles
Skyline IT Management

“My Next Million Will Be Because Of Jennifer!”

This event was wonderful! I learned so much. As a business owner, I needed to learn what to do. I feel like I’m armed and I’m ready to go. My next million will be because of Jennifer.

Steve Pressman
Alpine Cyber Solutions

“Real Opportunities For Growth”

This event is a smaller setting with excellent speakers and real opportunities for growth. I’m so happy I came. I strongly recommend that you come. It’s absolutely worth it.

Brian Jones
Amicus Technology

“Learned A Ton”

I’m really happy that I came to this event. I learned a ton, and I can’t wait to get back and implement these ideas.

David Thornton
A Better Choice Network Solutions, Inc.

“Great Boost To My Confidence”

I came here expecting that a lot of the content would be over my head. This event really boosted my confidence. On day two, I used the lunch break to execute on one of the ideas Jennifer shared with us. Great job Jennifer!

Marc Manna
Englewood Technology Group


The energy and excitement about the whole sales process have been incredible. I haven’t seen speakers like this at any other conference I’ve been to. Fantastic. A great two days and I look forward to the next.

Amir Hasan
LA Creative Technologies

“Amazing Experts!”

This has been a fantastic event with amazing experts. I had the opportunity to learn more about the sales process from end to end. Even the vendors were great. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. I’m looking forward to coming back next year.

Ashley Louden
Appalachian Technologies


“Incredibly Impactful”

This event was incredibly impactful. Just hearing the ideas that are moving around this room has been absolutely incredible. The panel about nurturing leads was massively helpful. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be here.

Ismael Amado
IT Ninjas

Jeff Sumner

Dan McCoy

Roy Richardson

Matt Lee

Armando Cabane

Benji Sawyer

Matthew Koenig

Alexandria Boyd

John Harden

Here’s A Preview Of Only A FEW Of The Topics You’ll Hear!

The Critical Pathway To $5M In Cybersecurity Revenue

Security Leaders Share Their Blueprint For Success

The Marketing Guide For Busy MSPs

CEO Secrets For Rapid Business Growth

Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Perfect Sales Performance



What are the dates?

May 6-8, 2024

May 6th will feature a fun networking activity (not just a boring mixer) in the evening. May 7-8 will be jam-packed all day with content sessions (and implementation workshops) designed to help you create, organize, and execute your marketing and sales plan. We will wrap up around 5pm on May 8.

What venue are you using?

Venue: The Kimpton Pittman Hotel
Address: 2551 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States

Is there a room block?

Room block link click here.

However, if you prefer you may call reservations directly to book at (888-233-9450) and mention the date and group name.

Which airport should I fly into?

Airport Options: Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) OR Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Will any meals be provided with my event ticket?

Yes. Lunch is provided on May 7th & 8th. If you are a VIP ticket holder, you also get dinner on May 8th.

Is there a place I can get more information before the event?

Sure! Email and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Can I purchase a ticket onsite the day of the event?

Probably not! We fully expect to fill every seat in the venue period. So buy your ticket today wink

Who is this for?

This event supports MSP executives, marketing members, and sales teams focused on driving revenue and scaling their cybersecurity companies to $5,000,000.

It provides access to proven marketing and sales strategies used by 7-figure firms, tailored to those committed to significant business growth.


Other industry events are filled with hours of pitches, outdated information, or high-level concepts (that most attendees never execute on). This event is designed to give you concrete, actionable information to help your business create, organize, and execute on your sales and marketing systems – so you can hit your goals.


We humans are a funny bunch. Simply put, we value what we pay for. If you’ve ever attended a “free” event, you know that you paid SOMETHING to be there. Maybe you purchased the organizer’s software. Maybe you donated your time to hear a lot of pitches. I don’t do either of those things. (Plus, many of my attendees shared that the content was worth WAY more than I charged previously.) If you cannot afford the investment into the ticket, this event probably isn’t for you. If you’re not sure if the ticket is worth what I’m charging, check out what our previous attendees have to say.


Yes! I have a money-back guarantee. Show up. Consume the content. Play all-in during our workshops. If you don’t walk out with a better way to create, organize, and execute your sales and marketing plan, I will refund the full cost of your ticket PLUS add $1,000 to cover travel.

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